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Welcome to the demo area

Of the Church Admin plugin. Here you can see the plugin in action on front end of the website and in the admin area. To get started register/login yourself temporarily or use the test account (username:testaccount password Psalm16:11) – all changes are wiped every night at 12am GMT. Then in the menu above you can view the different shortcodes/Gutenberg blocks in action on various pages. If you are logged in click on the Church Admin menu link in the black admin bar at the top to see what you can do in the backend. For obvious reasons Email, Bulk SMS and Push Messaging are not available to you in case you are really a spammer!

The core of the plugin is your people in the address list from where you can organise and communicate church life.

Address List

Alfonso, C
Chris & Susan Alfonso
Street Address
S Park Ave, Springfield, IL 62704, USA

Declan Alfonso

VCF Last Updated: August 5, 2022